About Us

Sahyogi was started in 2008 by a group of young professionals and social activists as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization committed towards bringing a change in the life of the weaker section. Our primary aim is to ensure rights and equality along with justice for all especially women and children in every aspects of their life. We work to empower women and children against any form of discrimination and exclusion.


To establish an egalitarian society, where, citizens enjoy human rights without discrimination and live a dignified life in mutual cooperation.


To promote gender equality and justice by empowering women and children from the marginalized community.


  •  To promote gender equity and amplify the voices of women and children.
  •  To provide support and access for initiating, establishing, consolidating institutions, processes and programs aimed at development and improvement of living standards of its target group.
  • To enable and empower the most marginalized community through organizing them as self-defining groups with a strong sense of self-identity and with capacities to act as a pressure group
  • To create models of community participation and action so as to sensitize the govt. for formulation of programs and policies aimed at improving the living standard of the target group


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